Fijian people are some of the friendliest in the world.  Sharing time with local Fijians will inspire and delight you.
Some local activities, including Fijian cultural experiences, are described below.  It is also recommended to discuss with Tukana upon arrival to determine those activities and experiences which best suit your interests. Taveuni being unaffected by time offers a unique cultural experience.


There are a number of places of worship on Taveuni of different denominations.  Generally Fijians are very spiritual and you will be inspired and enlightened sharing the experience of church with them.  Many ceremonies include beautiful singing.


There are limited markets in Taveuni where locally grown produce is offered.  You will find stalls in Somosomo/Naqara every day of the week in the main street.


Another unique experience available to you whilst in Taveuni is watching a local rugby game.  Rugby is the national Fijian sport and they take it very seriously.  You are welcome to join the locals to watch games held every Saturday.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the game and the enjoyment you will take from this experience.
Alternatively other sports such as volleyball can be watched.

Local Village and School Visits

The opportunity to visit a traditional Fijian village or school is highly recommended.  Villages include Bouma and Lavena which can be combined with visits to the Bouma Falls and Lavena Walk. 

Additional information on each of these experiences is available at Lomani as well as the local knowledge of Tukana.