How to Get There (International and domestic)


Nadi is the international gateway to Fiji with Taveuni a 1 hour flight from Nadi.

There are inbound flights to Nadi from many international locations including Australia (Air Pacific, Qantas, Virgin), Korea (Korean Airlines), New Zealand (Air New Zealand), United States (United Airlines, Air Pacific) and many other local countries (eg Tonga, New Caledonia, Cook Islands, Wallis Islands).  

It is recommended to check fares with your local carriers and also compare with Air Pacific, the Fiji national carrier where you will often find more economical fares.  Refer to  Qantas, United and other Frequent Flyer points are available when flying with Air Pacific.


There are a number of operators with regular daily services to Taveuni from both Nadi and Suva with fares approx. USD$75 each way. It pays to compare all as fares can vary greatly between the operators.

Flights to Taveuni land at Matei Airport where our caretaker will meet you and transport you to Lomani.

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Island Transport

Once on Taveuni, there are a range of transport options depending on the extent to which travel from the property is required.

Lomani is located approx. 5kms south of Matei Airport (where there are a range of activities, restaurants and also a supermarket and convenience store).

Lomani is appox. 4kms north of the town of Somosomo/Naqara where there are further restaurants, two larger supermarkets, an ATM and a range of other shops including local crafts.

Two bicycles are provided at Lomani for your use whilst resident.

Taxis are also very prompt and reasonable (Matei Point is FJD$15 and Somosomo/Naqara FJD$7) and contact numbers are provided at Lomani.


There are a range of restaurants available at Matei Point and also in Somosomo/Naqara.

The food offered includes local Fijian, European, Pizza, Indian amongst others.

Local Fijian delicacies (including your own freshly caught fish) can also be prepared at Lomani for you should you so choose.

Arrangements can also be made for meals to be delivered direct to Lomani with information available at Lomani.


Excellent mobile coverage is available from Lomani. 

In the spirit of the atmosphere we have attempted to create at Lomani, there is no landline telephone or internet service provided (unless accessible from your mobile device).

Internet can be accessed from stores in both Matei and also Somosomo/Naqara.


There are supermarkets in both Matei and Somosomo/Naqara.

Local Fijian arts and crafts can be found in Somosomo/Naqara.

For special needs, refer to Tukana (our caretaker) who will be able to refer you to the right person.

Taveuni Hospital

Taveuni Hospital is a small hospital located in Waiyevo (approx. 20 minute drive south of Lomani).

There is also a private doctor located in Somosomo only a few kilometres from Lomani.

Taveuni Police Station

Taveuni police station is also located at Waiyevo.